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Consortium partners

The consortium consists of 16 organisations from 14 countries, which will ensure widespread dissemination and input. The partners are energy and educational experts, chosen based on previous experience and references. The consortium represents a large geographical area, a mix of Eastern and Western European countries as well as private and public organisations and background.

Coordinator / partner no. 1

Norwegian Energy Efficiency Inc (NEE), Norway
Contact: Thea Marie MÝrk,; Kirsten Dyhr-Mikkelsen,

Partner no. 2

The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greece
Contact: Charalambos Malamatenios,; Georgia Veziryianni,

Partner no. 3

Le Centre Urbain / Stadswinkel asbl (ABEA), Belgium
Contact: Eddy Deruwe,

Partner no. 4

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), France
Contact: Therese Kreitz,

Partner no. 5

Eliante, Italy
Contact: Simone Montonati,; Mauro Belardi,

Partner no. 6

Newark & Sherwood Energy Agency (NSEA), United Kingdom
Contact: Chris Gilchrist,

Partner no. 7

MOTIVA Oy, Finland
Contact: Irmeli Mikkonen,

Partner no. 8

The Swedish Energy Agency (STEM), Sweden
Contact: Lisa Lundmark,

Partner no. 9

The Directorate For Primary and Secondary Education (DPSE), Norway
Contact: Astrid SandŚs,

Partner no. 10

Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), Lithuania
Contact: Romualdas Skema,

Partner no. 11

EC Baltic Institute for Renewable Energy (EC BREC), Poland
Contact: Grzegorz Wisniewski,

Partner no. 12

INNOTERM Energetics Environmental Protection & Development Ltd., Hungary
Contact: Miklůs FrŠter,

Partner no. 13

Agencija za prestrukturiranje Energetike (ApE), Slovenia
Contact: Suzana Domjan,

Partner no. 14

European Association of Ecologists (ESE), Poland
Contact: Grazyna Jaworska,

Partner no. 15

Energi Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria
Contact: Liyana Adjarova,

Partner no. 16

Stredisko pro efektivni vyuzivani energie, o.p.s. (SEVEn), Czech Republic
Contact: Juraj Krivoöik,

Technical Officer for the project, DG TREN, European Commission:
Bernd Decker,

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